Trevor Smith Crochets Meals and Household Appliances

Trevor Smith works as a local council worker in the Australian city of Victoria by day. He enjoys spending his free time crocheting replicas of meals and household appliances using wool. His portfolio includes a number of works that represent cheese platters, toasters, baked hams, cakes, etc.

“My mother was a talented craftswoman and I was always shadowing her, wanting to be doing what she was doing,” Smith told The Design Files. He got a degree in Visual Arts as a sculpture major and has been working as a public art collections curator for the past 30 years. Smith shares his crochet art on his Facebook and Instagram pages with anyone who’s interested in following him. We absolutely love what he’s doing!

Scroll down to see some of our favorites. If you enjoy his work, make sure to support him by following him on his social media pages. You’ll find many other similar artworks there and a community that loves it.