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Trevor Smith Crochets Meals and Household Appliances

Trevor Smith works as a local council worker in the Australian city of Victoria by day. He enjoys spending his free time crocheting replicas of meals and household appliances...

These Crocheted Pieces Are Anything But Traditional

Artist, performer, and professional wrestler Mikki Yamashiro creates bold, playful, and all around cool crochet works. Based in Los Angeles, California, she learned to crochet at an early age...

This Artist Uses Crochet to Create Eerie Skeletal Creatures

Philadelphia-based artist Caitlin McCormack uses crochet to create skeletal looking creatures. Her eerie (and sometimes creepy) looking objects clash against the soft materials, creating powerful and thought-provoking pieces of...

Olek Wraps the World Around Her in Colorful Crochet

Agata Oleksiak, AKA Olek, is a conceptual artist that, through the use of crochet, aims to add a dash of color, life, and energy, to the world around her.

Check out This 11-Year-Old Boy Who Has Mastered Crocheting

Jonah’s Hands is a crocheting business owned by an 11-year-old boy and his mother. Jonah, who was born in Ethiopia and was later adopted, has proven that not only...


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