These Animal-Food Hybrids Look Like They Came Straight Out of a Foodie’s Dream

We’ve seen animal hybrids before, but have you ever seen a food-animal hybrid? No. Us too.

Apparently, most people hadn’t really thought that was possible. At least, until photo manipulation artist, Ronald Ong, showed everyone that you can create image mashups of animals and food, among others.

From creating a hybrid between a fox and a loaf of bread, or a zebra and a stack of oreos, Ronald’s work are as weird as they are surreal.

To create the photos that look like they came straight out of a foodie’s dream, he uses photos of real animals, cuts and mixes them together to create something that looks like a real food item out of the selected creature’s body.

Regardless of which photo you choose, Ronald’s talent and eye for detail is obvious.

Make sure that you scroll down below to see more of Ong’s photo manipulations.