Order Puppies and Prosecco in this Hotel in Denver

Would you like to spend your day in a luxurious hotel sipping prosecco while cuddling with adorable puppies? Because if you do, then there’s a hotel in Denver that will let you do both if you stay in any one of their rooms.

Availing of the Hotel’s so-called “Puppies + Prosecco Package” will have them send over a litter of puppies, along with a well-deserved drink, to your room.

It’s a package straight out of heaven, and one that you owe to yourself to try at least once in your life.

To avail, you’ll have to stay at the hotel’s Luxury Suite, which, as the name goes, is quite luxurious. For your money, you’ll get a king-size bed, as well as 850 square feet of space all to yourself, which should be plenty enough room for you and your new-found friends to play around as you wish your life’s worries away.

Unfortunately, as fun as this opportunity would be, it wouldn’t last forever.

The hotel is only offering the package from August 23 and August 26 in honor of National Dog Day. But, who knows, maybe they’ll offer it again soon.