These Crafty Cakes Look as Delicious As They Are Amazing

Baking is an art as much as it is a science.

Unlike cooking, where measurements can be adjusted, baking requires the precise use of ingredients to create something edible let alone delicious.

So, when you see a cake that not only goes viral for its taste but also for how it looks, then you know just how much effort went into the process of baking that cake and frosting it to make it as appealing as it looks delicious.

That’s exactly what Leslie Vigil’s cakes are.

Using her creative talents, Leslie Vigil transforms cakes into something of an art form. Her frosting looks less like cake decoration, and more like actual flowers, complete with symmetrical patters that look like traditional folk dresses from certain cultures.

It’s clear that Leslie Vigil’s creativity knows no bounds, and given her dedication, we’ll likely see Leslie’s works going viral once again in the near future.

For more of Leslie’s cake art, be sure to scroll down below.