Catvengers: Superheroes Reimagined in Cat-centric Universe

What is known to be unstable, playful, altruistic, a little mean sometimes, and sometimes with a superiority complex? Superheroes. There’s an animal that also has similar character traits: the cat.

Indonesian illustrator Fajareka Setiawan has made a striking mix between the two in his remarkable drawings. 

Setiawan transforms the characters of Marvel and DC into felines in a series of drawings he named “Catvengers”. Attributes of heroic characters adapt to cats surprisingly well. 

Catpool, for example, reads an issue of “Playcat” magazine (a riff on Playboy). AquaCat (Aquaman) courageously chases a fish with his trident in a jar. Giant cat Ant-Cat (Ant-Man) is caught up with the police, while Blackkitteh (Black Panther) looks great in his suit, unlike VenomCat (Venom) who hunts chicks. They may seem cute at first, the details of the drawings show the realistic and bloody nature of both cats and superheroes.