Disney Universe Meets Ecological Disasters

Earth is warming up, ice caps are melting and climate-caused natural calamities are becoming more frequent and more intense. By intensifying heat waves and droughts, global warming could destabilize the balance of our planet.

A series of illustrations by Baptiste Drausin denounce our actions on the planet. The invasion of plastics in oceans, air pollution, the disappearance of bees, deforestation, black tides… Drausin imagines and displays the consequences of our actions through the Disney classics.

Winnie the Pooh has no more honey to taste, Bambi is saddened by the decline of forests, Mary Poppins is obliged to wear a mask to move in the sky, The Little Mermaid is smothered with plastic waste present in the oceans, Pocahontas must face the pollution of the rivers.

Check out the illustrations below.