Check Out Nicolas Party’s Marble Ghosts

Nicolas Party is a Switzerland-born contemporary artist known for his conceptual approach to portraiture. So far, he’s been mostly interested in the translation and transformation of nature through color, materials and composition, and the influence of surrealism in his works is more than evident. This month he was named one of the favorite artists of the Juxtapoz magazine, thanks to his mysterious characters placed in unexpected situations.  

This time he is making an installation in the Marble House museum in Rhode Island, named Marble Ghosts. The installation is part of the contemporary art initiative at The Preservation Society of Newport County, which presents installations that honor innovation, creation and correlate our past with our present and future. Party’s installation reflects his own interaction with space in the Marble House, his fascination with Alva Vanderbilt, who was the designer and the original owner of Marble House, as well as his own experience working with marble.  

Per Juxtapoz Magazine, for this installation, Party is pairing or rather juxtaposing elements that are usually considered mismatched, because that way he draws the viewer’s attention to visual details that could often be overlooked.  

The pictures below depict how Party is playing with ancient ambient and contemporary forms and colors, and the results are stunning! 

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