Check Out the Cutest Dogs on Instagram

We could all use a pick me up during these difficult time and these cute dog photos can help get you through social distancing. These dog celebrities are a great break from all the negative health-related news taking over our social media account. These are the cutest Instagram pups out there!

Manny the Frenchie

It’s not hard to believe that Manny has over one million followers! His biography states that he’s the “World’s Most Followed Bulldog and philanthro-PUP!,” and we applaud him for all the good he’s doing in the world. His fashion sense is also much better than ours.

Maya the Mini Dachshund

Reining from Washington, D.C. this beauty is the CEO of Sassy Wolf, a company that specializes in dog harnesses, leashes, and apparel. We love a girl boss!

Maya the Samoyed

This smiley dog has almost two million followers! We can’t help but smile back at her.

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Henlo December 🎄🦌❤️

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Tucker the Golden Retriever

There’s a reason why Golden Retrievers are one of the most popular dog breeds and Tucker happens to be one of the cutest ones with almost two and a half million followers. His owners sure have a sense of humor with the captions, “I be-leaf you forgot to boop me 👉🏼🍁,” and “To apawreciates the beauty of a snowflake…you must be willing to stand out in the cold ⛄️❄️.”

Wiley the Dalmation

We dreamed about having Dalmations after watching the Disney movie and this Dalmations nose is in the shape of a heart—how cute is he?