Dino Tomic Creates Celebrities in Different Cartoon Styles

Croatian artist Dino Tomic may be best known for his fascinating tattoo and pencil drawings, but his recent work, celebrities in different cartoon styles, is what caught our attention.

Tomic describes himself as self-taught and his love for drawing began in kindergarten, but he didn’t take it seriously until he was around 16-years-old. In his most recent work, he’s created 17 subjects with 153 characters and the results are brilliant.

The pandemic inspired him to create something new, “Since I’m stuck inside due to the coronavirus, I wanted to try out something new,” Tomic told Bored Panda. The portraits may not show off his skills as much as some of the other impressive projects he’s completed, they’re a much-needed distraction during these times.

He’s designed everyone from Keanu Reeves, Johnny Depp, and Robert Downey Jr. to Bob Ross, Donald Trump, and Billie Eilish.

“When I want to expand the series and reimagine someone new, I usually simply listen to my fans and pick one of the famous people they’ve suggested,” he continued.

Take a look at more of his work below. Do you have a favorite?