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The Artist That Turns Into a Cartoon Character

Lots of people use makeup every day, and why wouldn’t they? Makeup is a really powerful thing. It helps hide blemishes as well as makes your eyes pop. Some...

Gemma Correll’s Cartoons Are the Meaning of Relatable

Cartoonist, writer, and illustrator, Gemma Correll, is known for her whimsical pug cartoons, that are printed on almost anything, from t-shirts, and tea towels to greeting cards and books.

Artists Spread a Message of Magic, Luck, and Friendship Through Their Work

Artistic duo FriendsWithYou have been spreading their unifying message of magic, luck, and friendship worldwide since their founding in 2002. What started as hand-sewn toy sculptures have since grown...

We’re in Love with Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell’s Cartoons

Hilary Fitzgerald Campbell is a talented cartoonist whose work we noticed on Instagram and had to share with you. "I am a cartoonist and illustrator,"...

These Vivid Illustrations Will Spark Joy in Your Life

Illustrator Abbey Lossing would like nothing more than to light up your face. Her brightly colored illustrations and GIFs portray the daily struggles of modern day life in a...


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