These Reimagined Cartoon Characters Look Better than the Original

Have you ever stopped to wonder what your favourite cartoon characters would look like if the artists just spent a little bit more time making them look better and not their cartooney selves?

Who are we kidding, everybody has.

No offense to the cartoon characters we grew up watching, but they didn’t exactly look great. Not that they needed to though, because they were created to maximize entertainment value and not be that hard to draw at the same time.

As a result, their designs could use a little bit of work.

Pennsylvania-based illustrator Isabelle Staub is one such artist who thought that she could add her own creative flair to everybody’s favourite cartoon characters, and what do you know, her works look arguably better than the original designs.

A life-long artist, you can clearly see Isabelle Staub’s talent and passion from every piece of work she’s created. As for the quality, it’s undeniable. The insane amount of detail in every artpiece is just so unbelievable that you’d wonder why this freelance illustrator isn’t animating her very own cartoon series yet.

Make sure to scroll down below to see exactly why Isabelle Staub’s re-imaginings are getting a lot of attention.

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