Designer Alex Szabo-Haslam Shows What Songs Look Like

Designer Alex Szabo-Haslam created a series of visualizations that represent songs called Waveform. In this project, the designer turns any song you want into a unique wall art piece that you can display wherever you want.

“I’m a freelance designer, associate lecturer, and crowdfunder working remotely from my studio in Sheffield — or on-site for a range of clients and agencies,” the U.K.-based artist writes on his website. “I work independently, and sometimes collaborate with other creatives to roll-out graphic design and branding for education institutions, conferences and festivals, music and arts organisations across the UK. Since late-2018 I’ve freelanced as a UI Designer.”

When it comes to design, he enjoys repetitive patterns and obsessive detail, as well as cartography and data visualization. You can follow his work on his Instagram page and visit his website where you’ll find more info about him and his online shop.