Check Out The Micro City Build From White Lego Pieces

Was playing with Lego your thing when you were a kid? At the Tate Modern gallery in London a city has been built with white Lego pieces, and the best thing is that anyone, people from all over the world, of any age could participated in the building.

“It was really cool to take part, every time one crashed (happened often) everyone would ‘ooooooh’ and silently laugh,” GallowBoob a shared on his Twitter profile. “It was an interesting experience to see how people came together and built. Instead of destroy.”

This isn’t the only city that has been done with Lego. The Collectivity Project, along the High Line was made in 2015 or the one built in a French city called Lille, in the Gare Saint-Sauveur. The project was called Fantasticité.

Scroll down and take a look at the white city below.