Check Out The World Were Giant Cats Live

Andrey Scherbak, the proud owner of two cats and a dog one day came up with an idea to create a world where giant cats existed. The Russian artist was inspired by a photo taken in a forest.

“I was looking through a photo album and one picture I had taken in a forest on a corporate retreat caught my eye, and that’s how the idea was born,” the artist told Bored Panda. “I liked it, so I took another photo with the intention of placing a cat in it.”

On his photographs, you can see Scherback, a giant cat and sometimes his 3-year-old Labrador named Rooney.

“I decided to create an Instagram account full of pictures of only me and cats because that’s not very different from the reality I live in,” he added. “I lead a rather isolated way of life.”

He finds his cat images on Google; Scherbak initially intended to take photos of Pif and Panya, his adorable fur-balls, however, they wouldn’t collaborate.

Scroll down and take a look at Scherbak’s world below.