Check Out the World’s Biggest Cities Through a Kaleidoscope

Neal Peterson is a Minneapolis-based digital artist who creates remarkable photo collages of cities all around the world. His project titled Urban Mandalas is a mix of architecture, natural landscapes, public sculptures, graffiti, and more which he began back in 2015 when he started photographing each city in-person and digitally composing each mandala.

“One of my inspirations for this project came from Tibetan Buddhist Sand Mandalas, which act as a map of the cosmos and represent the impermanent nature of our existence,” the artist shared with Bored Panda. “For my Urban Mandalas, pixels take the place of sand and symbolize the idea that everything is connected—all is one and one is all.”

Amsterdam, Reykjavik, Chicago, Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, etc. are just some of the cities Peterson turned into a kaleidoscope.

We really enjoyed browsing through his Instagram page and we believe that you will enjoy it, too. Follow him for future updates.