Check Out These Amazing Steam-Punk Paper Ships

You have already had the opportunity to check out the works of French paper art duo Zim&Zou on our website, but we simply had to show you their newest project and introduce them to you once again.

Zim&Zou recently presented their own fleet of paper ships, but their works are nothing close to 5-minute crafts you’ve learned in school. Instead, the duo has created amazing paper ship models that are inspired by steam-punk motives and incredibly detailed.

The ships are completely made by hand and contain various geometric patterns that are highlighted by the use of colorful paper. According to the duo, this is their “ode to travel.”

“Thrown in an endless movement, the aircraft colony crosses time and space toward an unknown outcome. Like birds stuck in an eternal migration, they’re pursuing their dream of an elsewhere,” they said about the project.

Currently, their fleet is made out of three ships, but there is no doubt that they might join them a few more considering the popularity of the pieces.

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