Miranda Lee Creates Ceramics to Raise Awareness About Endangered Animals

Miranda Lee is a Toronto based interior designer and the creative mind behind the Instagram page named Laconic Story. Inspired by her love for animals, ceramics, and Egypt, Lee decided to become a ceramic artist and create beautiful vessels shaped like animals.

Her whimsical ceramic vessels are inspired by Egyptian Canopic Jars and their sole purpose is to raise awareness of endangered animals who are facing the risk of extinction.

“Combining techniques of throwing, slipcasting, and hand building, the Canopic Jar series was born,” the artist told Bored Panda. Lee started off creating bears, bunnies, and foxes, but then she decided to focus on little known animals that are at risk of extinction.

“I want to let others know commonly seen animals like the polar bears and koalas are actually at risk of being endangered, so I also handwrite the name of the animal as well as its Conservation Status by the IUCN at the bottom of the jars,” she added.

Each of these intricate vessels are hand-crafted and the colors she uses to paint them are made in small batches. This means that there is a limited amount of this adorable animal-inspired art in the store.
Head to Lee’s Instagram account to see more of her whimsical artwork.