Check Out These Insects Made From Old Keys

Canadian artist Nathan Bell comes from an artistic family and growing up he was encouraged and supported to follow his dream of becoming an artist.

In 2000 he earned his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jewelry and Metals degree and since then he has been incorporating in his art salvaged materials, locally harvested domestic timber, and scraps and off-cuts deemed ‘unusable’ by others.

In his recent project, Bell turns antique keys into insects by using modified fly-tying techniques.

“These Lures are a tribute to personal and family histories, wrapped and embellished by hindsight and nostalgia,” the artist told Bored Panda. “I perch them on scraps of salvaged material and mount them under glass domes or in shadow-boxes. They tread the line somewhere between taxidermied curiosities and new life emerging from the detritus of lives lived.”

You can take a look at his creations on Instagram where he goes by the name sallesublime as well as his personal website where you can learn more about his creativity.