Check Out This Mom and Daughter Fashion Influencers Duo

Our latest Instagram obsession comes from mother and daughter duo Kasha and Misha Grimes. Kasha, also known as Mumma Grimes joined social media in her late 50s after seeing the success of her daughter Misha’s Instagram page and Youtube channel.

The pair look more like sisters than mother and daughter, with their platinum blonde hair. They hail from Gloucestershire, England and they produce content about beauty, fashion, and lifestyle.

The duo has separate Youtube channels, but they often have haul videos from the same stores, which include Zara, Primark, H&M, Pretty Little Things, and Fashion Nova to name a few.

Our favorite videos are the ones in which they appear together; their energy and laughter are infectious. They are always building each other up and we only wish we had the same relationship with our mom.

We selected some videos to get you started. What do you think of this mom and daughter?