Check Out What People Around the World are Doing During Isolation

We all know that the coronavirus pandemic is affecting nearly everyone in the world, but it’s kind of difficult to comprehend that. The video below will bring this truth closer to you.

The video was created by filmmakers Joe Sabia and Aaron Rasmussen. It shows people around the world and their activities during the lockdown. “A New Yorker sees what 26 people around the world are doing during a difficult time,” reads the video description.

The video begins with the view from the filmmakers’ camera in Brooklyn before and continues to people in Los Angeles, Beijing, Nairobi, Paris, Berlin, Tbilisi, Cuenca, Tehran, Toronto, Bangkok, São Paolo, Oslo, Coromandel, Sydney, Beirut, London, Rome, Brussels, Barcelona, Tel Aviv, Lima, Hoh Chih Minh City, Manipal, Abuja, Delft, Minsk, and Old Lyme, before coming back to Brooklyn. Watch it below.