Cloud-Like Pavilion Enlivens A Serene Plaza In North Carolina

New York-based studio THEVERYMANY has once again delivered a one of a kind sculptural creation. This time, it was installed in a country building at Charlotte, North Carolina.

The large-scale installation, called the Pillars of Dreams, is composed of eight columns that merge at the top in a cloud-like formations with 54,000 rivets to hold together over 3,500 individual metal sheets.

The studio described the airy structure as a world of color and light and an atmosphere that entices you to hang around and enjoy the place.

β€œThe white exterior face shrouds the saturated coloration on the interior. Openings in the veil suggest the the energy inside, where cross-laminated stripes in a set of bright hues peek out from the interior. From a distance, the structure strikes a soft tone, but the viewer can still register the pulsing glow of the gradient within,” the website reads.

The structure provides shade from the glaring sunlight but also casts dynamic light through its permeable surface. It’s also perfect for public gatherings and even those moments when you just want to relax and unwind.

β€œPillars of Dreams is an experiential icon on the plaza at the new Valerie C. Woodard Center. Under these curious vaults, where color meets light, locals have an inspiring place to gather, to recharge, to revel, and, perhaps, to daydream.”