Food Imagined as an “In Case of Emergency” Tools

Despite the fact that they are unhealthy and make us gain weight, most of us can’t stop eating food like pizza, doughnuts, and chicken wings. Frankly, who can blame us when they are so delicious. Well, New York City-based 3D artist and illustrator Ben Fearnley can.

Well aware of the unhealthy eating habits of the majority of the population, Fearnley decided to try and raise awareness about this topic with his latest project titled “In Case Of Emergency.” In a series of works, this talented artist presents gourmet food as a tool that needs to be used in extreme conditions.

From a medical box filled with doughnuts to fire extinguisher filled with wine, Fearnley sends a strong message with his creations that can really be eye-opening at moments.

Check them out below.