Composer Creates Pet Portraits Using Music

Music producer and composer Noam Oxman found an amazing way to combine his passion for music with his love for drawing and animals. He is creating unique pet portraits dubbed as Sympawnies that not only look great but can also be played as a composition.

Oxman arranges musical notes on a sheet to create a graphic portrait that captures the pet’s physical features while the resulting composition captures their playful demeanor. These compositions often have pun-intended names like “Toc-cat-a in B for Pawiano” and “Pawntasy in G for String Orchestra”.

 “I like it because it seems like a song that fits the unexpected behavior of cats,” one Instagram user commented after listening to “Toc-cat-a in B for Pawiano.”

Sympawnies not only bring much joy to pet owners but they also serve a good cause. Oxman organizes fundraisers through which he sells his pet portraits and then shares the profits with animal welfare organizations.

“I have decided to use my art in order to raise awareness about the situation of various animals around the world and as a way of raising funds for pro-animal causes,” Oxman shares on his website.

Check out more of Oxman’s Sympawnies below.