Creative Merit Badges That Celebrate Successful Adulting

Can we all agree that adulting is hard? One day you’re a kid without any real responsibilities and the next day you wake up having to deal with every possible thing in your life. It can get overwhelming really fast. Do you feel like you would deal better with all that if someone gave you a merit badge every time you completed a dreadful task?

Well, you can actually get such badges and they’re quite amusing! Created by Winks for Days, a brand specialized in making quirky and clever things, “Adulting Merit Badges” seem like just the thing we all need. They’re embroidered and you can apply them to your clothes or a bag with an iron. The comprehensive collection features all kinds of notes, like “Updated the software” and “Paid bills on time.” Some can seriously help you deal with anxiety and feel better for micro-wins, like “Went outside today” and “Reduced screen time.”

You can give them to yourself or for someone you live with. Get them through Winks for Days’ online shop.