Crocheted Masks Explore How We Portray Ourselves Online

Irish visual artist threadstories crafts extravagant textile masks and poses in them against a white background to show how people portray themselves on social media and create a false reality online.

Intentionally or not, people are doing their best to create the best version of themselves on social media, and threadstories is creating these masks to explore the reality of our lives in the digital era.

“The masks are sometimes monstrous, other times farcical façades that poke at the performative nature social media cultivates and celebrates,” she told Colossal.

To create these interesting masks, she starts by crocheting the balaclava which serves as a base to attach other materials and details. The outcome depends entirely on her creativity and materials she uses to create masks because she works intuitively and doesn’t prepare designs in advance.

“The yarns I use when tufting will create an endless array of outcomes from the same technique,” she says. “The choice of yarn can mean the difference between a mask with a lot of movement or a mask with a strong form that can be brushed and manipulated to hold numerous forms.”

The end results are impressive and are always followed by comments in the captions.

Take a look at threadstories’ unique artwork in the photos below.

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