Ilo The Havanese is the Cutest Havanese on Instagram

With their adorable eyes, silky hair and short legs, the Havanese have become a very popular dog breed lately. The interesting thing about these Cuban dogs is that they’re hypoallergenic, which means that there is a good chance that people who are allergic to dogs can keep the Havanese as pets.

Ilo The Havanese is one these charming pooches and he’s going to melt your heart for sure. Ilo’s owner says his pet is a very friendly and loyal companion who follows him around wherever he goes. “In Finnish, we have this word ”butt fly” which describes Havanese well. They are where you are, always,” the owner said.

Because of their small size, this dog breed is perfect for people who live in small apartments and they don’t need a lot of exercise. But in spite of that, Ilo loves spending time outside and playing in the park with other dogs.

“Ilo is really social and friendly dog. He loves other dogs (especially girls) and people too! He gets super excited pretty much about everything and he could eat endlessly, so he is easily motivated with food,” Ilo’s owner described his pet’s personality in an interview with Hello Bark.

Check out this adorable pooch in the photos below and make sure to follow him on Instagram.