Crusoe the Miniature Dachshund Will Melt Your Heart

Crusoe the miniature dachshund proves the case that bigger isn’t always better. In fact, it’s Crusoe’s miniature posture that has won him a massive following online (mainly on Instagram and YouTube). Having also won a People’s Choice Award in 2018 for “Animal Star”, trust us when we say that the hype is real, and well deserved.

“Although we give a voice to Crusoe, we feel that the personality you see online is a reflection of his real personality,” says his owner Ryan Beauchesne in an interview with Dogster.

“He loves adventure and exploring new places, and for a small dog, he’s very brave. He loves to play and squeak from morning till midnight, but is also not very cuddly or kissable (hence his tough-guy image online).”

Indeed, the miniature black and tan dachshund is keen on adventure and has traveled the world (at least when travel was possible), both locally and internationally, to places like the Bahamas, France, Italy, Switzerland, and Mexico.

His photos and videos often see him sporting some miniature (and often hilarious) costumes. In one video he’s seen as a brave ghostbuster, while in another (more lo-fi production) he’s simply running around in a Mickey Mouse costume. It’s this kind of top-notch content that has amassed him some 800,000 fans on Instagram and almost 2 million subscribers on YouTube.

But at least according to Beauchesne, the love for Crusoe goes further than his celebrity status, and has to do with his charming personality. “Sometimes, I wonder if Crusoe is actually a special dog or if it’s just this online character we’ve built that makes him seem special,” admitted Beauchesne.

“But people—even those who do not know he’s a celebrity—comment over and over how handsome he is or how human-like he is. So I think there is something different about him. He was meant to be a celebrity.”