Designer Makes Hilarious Holders For Cell Phones, Books, and Toilet Paper

Ori Niv of Artori Design is a designer and the creator of a humorous cell phone stand featuring human figures holding their phones.

The artist shared a post on Bored Panda where he explained that he has been noticing people being more and more attached to their phones. In fact, that was the real inspiration for his remarkable project.

“BZ smartphone holder is made of metal and colored black. It’s lightweight but sturdy and can hold your phone horizontally or vertically for many different uses, such as watching a video, screening a recipe while cooking, and keeping your phone ready to use on your office desk or counter,” Niv explained.

Beside phone holders, the designer makes book holders and other creative stuff.

If you are curious to see his creations, just keep scrolling! You can also check out his Instagram page and have a look on website where he sells his humorous creations.