Futuristic-Looking Illustrations By Dangiuz

Leopoldo D’Angelon, better known as Dangiuz is an Italian artist who creates art pieces inspired by various art styles, including Retrofuturism, Cyberpunk, Outrun, and Vaporwave. The 25-year-old computer graphics artist explains that his creations are entirely PC based.

“When I visualize something in my mind, I sit at my desk and try to recreate it. I almost never sketch. I often end up deleting projects, rage-quitting programs just because something doesn’t turn how I planned. I guess I have to work on myself,” the young artist shared in an interview for Ballpit and added that his work is mostly inspired by movies, series, and songs.

When asked to explain what does art mean for him, he said that it’s his life.

“It heavily changed the way I see the world because every time I see something, I wonder how it was created, what thoughts were behind that, the efforts people made… and so on.”

We picked some of his most interesting creations. Check them out in the gallery below.