Ben Koracevic Creates Remarkable Portraits Using Only Strings and Nails

Ben Koracevic of Stringometry Art Studio is a London-based self-taught string artist with a driven ambition to perfect the rare art and bring his pieces to life with limitless imagination and conviction. Using only nails and string, he makes marvelous portraits of animals, celebrities, and movie scenes.

“Creating emotion and expression from this rare art form is a constant challenge. It motivates me to produce uniquely detailed art pieces that are consumed with hours of pride and enjoyment,” the artist told in a statement for Stony Stratford Gallery.

Koracevic is currently working on his second installment of string art pieces with strinometry and this time, his new series is about the animal world, which includes portraits of a lion, monkey, tortoise, and a giraffe.

You can find his work on his social media accounts, where he has attracted over 10,000 Instagram followers. If you are interested to see his masterpieces, check out the gallery below.