Check Out These Paintings By The Creator of “Daily Art”

We are 100% sure that you have bumped into some of Ronald Restituyo posts, and you didn’t have a clue. The engineer and self-taught artist is the CEO and the founder of a very popular Instagram profile titled Daily Art that has reached more than nine million followers.

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“I love being able to use the account to help other artists grow,” Restituyo shared on PRWEB. “I know what it’s like to want to paint – to want to share your creations with the world. And with DailyArt, I can help them because I’m an artist too.”

Being an artist himself, the Dominican Restituyo depicts beautiful portraits, both digitally and hand-drawn. He explains that growing up he had a beautiful connection with nature, which he considers as one of his most important inspirations.

Browsing through his Instagram gallery, you can enjoy a variety of illustrations and paintings done with colored pencils, watercolor paints, graphite pencils, and a ballpoint pen on paper.

 We choose some of his best art pieces. Check them out below.