Japanese Mom Uses Eggs to Create Incredibly Cute Meals

We all know how picky children can be when it comes to food, which is why parents are doing their best to entertain their kids and encourage them to eat all foods, especially healthy ingredients. Some parents, however, are particularly creative and extremely successful in making visually appealing meals that no one would be able to resist. Etoni Mama is one of those creative souls who prepare all sorts of adorable meals for her children.

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This Japan-based mom is raising three little girls, so it’s no wonder that she became a chef on her own. Etoni became a master of Kyaraben, the art of arranging food to make it look like cartoon characters or animals.

The creative mom is using noodles, cherry tomatoes, rice, and other ingredients to create her food art, but it seems like her favorite food to experiment with is eggs. In most cases, Etoni uses eggs to create faces for her characters, which is why you’ll often see them in her unique meals.

Take a look at Etoni’s colorful food art and make sure to follow her on Instagram for more inspiration.