Colorful Embroideries of Butterflies and Insects By Emillie Ferris

Emillie Ferris is a 25-year-old artist from the United Kingdom who creates magical and intricate embroideries inspired by nature. The young artist already gained public attention for creating detailed thread paintings of rabbits, foxes, and mushrooms. As of recently, she’s been focused on making one-of-a-kind hoops that feature colorful butterflies, bees, and many other insects.

Ferris stated on her website that her favorite embroidery technique is needle painting because it‘s a free and non-restricting method in her opinion.

“I love to try and emulate a sense of romanticism in my embroideries. I like to study numerous references of the object I want to embroider,” the artist said in an interview with Colossal.

“For example, I must have saved hundreds of reference photos and watched many videos of the blue morpho butterfly, before digitally painting the butterfly in photoshop, then transferring the pattern to fabric and bringing the butterfly to life with so many shades of blue thread. I couldn’t count them.”

Her hoop art is so detailed and magical that it’s very hard to believe that Ferris is actually a self-taught artist. She became interested in embroidery seven years ago, and she uses every single day to stitch at least a few rows and practice her skills.

Take a look at her colorful embroideries in the photos below.