Susanne Ng’s Chiffon Cakes Will Give You Cuteness Overload

No one can possibly resist a good chiffon cake, but Susanne Ng is taking this sweet treat to a whole new level. She mastered the art of making deco chiffon cakes, and her viral creations look so amazing that you’d feel bad eating them.

Incredibly enough, Ng worked in biomedical research after getting her PhD, but eventually decided to stay at home with her three kids. The self-thought baker started getting creative in the kitchen, and there was no turning back once she picked up the interest for chiffon cakes.

Her incredible creations became such a huge hit that she ended up writing several cookbooks with her recipes, started hosting baking classes, and earned over 81,000 followers on her Instagram page susanne.decochiffon.

Ng’s cakes require a lot of time and attention to detail, and she often spends hours making them, but they’re worth every minute. They’re also a perfect pick for kids’ parties, since she usually draws inspiration from our favorite animated characters, including Pokémon, My Neighbor Totoro, and Pusheen Cat.