Discover Venice in Patterns

Visiting Venice may not be possible for you right now, but you should absolutely discover the city in any way you can. One creative way to do that is the Instagram account Venice in Pattern which takes you on a journey filled with art. Run by two artists, Ilaria Pittana and Ilaria Pitteri, the account is an innovative tribute to the famous Italian city.

Pittana and Pitteri work together on a project that tells the story of Venice from an innovative point of view. Pittana is an architect and she’s behind the photographic part of the project, while Pitteri, a graphic designer, creates gorgeous patterns inspired by her colleague’s photos.

“We love Venice in all its forms. We like historical Venice, under the eyes of all but above all the contemporary and constantly evolving one… the one that deserves to be discovered and valued,” the artists told Tra Realta e Sogno in an interview. They find inspiration in everything the city has to offer, from its rich history to new things that appear every day, especially the independent bookstores.

Scroll down to see some of their patterns and follow the project’s Instagram page for more. There’s also an online shop where you can buy their art.