Anthony James’ Installations are a Work of Sorcery

Anthony James’ art has an ethereal quality to it. Made of stainless steel, glass, and LED lights, his sculptures and installations are greater than the sum of their parts. “I’ve tried to visually demonstrate the colossally vast and the infinitesimally small,” he remarked once in an interview with Aesthetica Magazine. “The cosmos and the divinity inside oneself.”

Indeed, there’s a plurality in his work based on a manipulation of light and mirrors, that expresses an infinite universe, lurking behind mirror and glass. “My work is my best attempt at giving the impossible, the infinite, a physical, objective existence,” says James. “The materials are merely an extension of the gesture.”

Born in England in 1974, and now based in Los Angeles, James has studied in London at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design and graduated with a degree in fine art painting. Recent sculptures include a bright nickel octahedron, a solar black dodecagon, a 2.5-meter high crystal, and a triacontahedron.

According to James, his intention is to express science, spirituality, and philosophy in an object the purest and most honest way he knows how. Using a blend of high technology and centuries-old techniques, the end results are best experienced live.