Disposable, Biodegradable Cutlery That Leaves No Trace After 240 Days

Who doesn’t love avocados? They’re healthy, tasty, and it seems like they instantly improve any salad, toast, sandwich, sushi roll or burger they happen to be introduced to. NASA even went on record saying that if they could only equip their astronauts with just one type of produce, it would be avocados, thanks to their many beneficial properties! So, it’s no wonder that avocado consumption is on the rise, worldwide. One of the world’s major avocado suppliers is Mexico, which can lay claim to nearly %45 of all avocados grown worldwide.

But ever industry has its wasteful byproducts – and in the avocado industry’s case, it’s mostly – you guessed it! – avocado pits.

Enter Biofase, a Mexican company who have made it their mission to create bioplastic, biodegradable products made from avocado seeds.

These include cutlery and straws, which are completely reintegrated into the environment after 240 days, without leaving any toxic trace behind.

Biofase collect avocado seeds from companies that process avocados in order create guacamole or avocado oil, and use them as raw material for their products.

You can check out some of their goods below!