This Girl Dresses Up Her Barbie Dolls In the Latest Fashion

17-year old Caroline Helsen was tired of the never-ending glittery pink outfits of Barbie so she decided to make clothes for her dolls based on the latest runway ensembles.

“I started making doll clothes when I was 13 years old, at the time me and my younger sister still played with dolls,” she told LOVE Magazine. “We really disliked all the pink, glittery outfits the Barbies wore, so I started making cooler outfits that reflected more what I wanted to wear, designer outfits. I taught myself how to sew and with a lot of patience I ended up sewing the way I do now.”

She recreates the fashion looks from the catwalk in miniature by dressing up her dolls and then shares the photos of her amazing outfits on her Instagram account, McCarbie. Her Barbie makeovers look promising and we’re certain she will gain a hundred thousand followers in no time.