What Happens When a Gourmet Chef Tries to Make Ferrero Rochers

We all know Ferrero Rocher chocolates. Even if you’ve never tasted them, you must have seen one of their many TV commercials in which swanky looking people in tuxedos and cocktail dresses enjoy a bite of the luxurious treat.

Still, just how luxurious can a mass-produced chocolate treat really be? And how luxurious would it be if a trained pastry chef attempted to make a truly gourmet version of it – from scratch?

Well, that’s exactly the question Claire Saffitz of the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen set out to answer.

Using her extensive pastry-making know-how, a few tricks and some pretty expensive ingredients, Claire attempted to recreate the treat that is, we assume, served in every ambassador’s party, as required by law.

But making these fancy chocolates proved to be more of a challenge than she was first expecting. Did she manage to recreate the delectable balls of chocolate and hazelnut, let alone improve them?

If you’re curious to see whether she managed to complete the monumental task she set for herself, watch the video below!