Enchanting Pottery You Need to Own if You Want to Be “In” This Fall

Milla Istomina from Mist Ceramics comes from a creative background, but it wasn’t until recent years that she started to take her artwork more seriously. What makes her artwork so special is the resourceful process that she uses to create her masterpieces. Specializing in pumpkin-themed pieces, her enchanting pottery puts will put the “awe” in autumn.

Her mother encouraged Milla to create fun and unusual things. However, her first encounter with sculpting happened in her earliest childhood when she picked up clay on a riverbank.

“My first experiments sculpting involved modeling clay or clay we picked up on a riverbank. The latter was an absolute delight to work with; although I could not fire it in the kiln, I could dry it in the sun and paint using gouache paints,” she shared in an interview for VoyageLa. She added that in 2018, she decided she would treat herself to a wheel-throwing class. And little to say it was love at first touch.

When in 2020 she lost her full-time job, Istomina decided to grab her handmade stuff out of the boxes, photograph them, and share her beautiful and unique pottery work on Etsy.

“I am more comfortable making my tableware on the potter’s wheel, while some pieces are exclusively hand-built. Etching, sgraffito, and underglaze painting are some of my favorite decorative techniques,” she added.

If you are interested in her creations, you can contact her on Etsy or make a commission, she loves creating new stuff.