Meet the Foot Doctor Who Became a TikTok Star

Image via footdocdana/Instagram

Dr. Dana Brems is a 28-years-old foot and ankle surgeon. She’s also a famous content creator who loves making videos for TikTok. There, she’s attracted more than 1.4 million followers and is considered the number one followed podiatrist.

In her clips, you can see Brems wearing scrubs and talking about health and fitness. She often shares preventive and treatment tips, too. She explains that she takes her job very seriously but likes adding a dose of humor.


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“I’ve always considered myself an introvert but have been able to connect with and help more people than I ever would’ve thought possible a year ago,” she shared in a statement for Podiatrym. “I’ve learned that being a little different and making our own path isn’t just OK, but something to be celebrated!”

Her day is quite eventful. So when she comes up with some funny things, she needs to write them down. When the weekend arrives, she grabs her phone and does her “thing”.

Her TikTok videos are liked over 32.7 million times, and due to her successful content creator career, she has been featured in various media and worked with famous brands.

Check out some of the videos in the gallery below.


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