Fashion Designer Amazes the Internet By Folding Jeans in a Single Motion

Folding paper can definitely be a work of art. But folding jeans, not so much, right? Well, you will have to think about that twice once you see how Turkish fashion designer Musab Kaya does it.

Kaya, who owns a fashion store in Turkey’s capital Istanbul, recently became a big internet star thanks to his ability to fold jeans in a single motion. One of the videos posted on his TikTok, which received 32 million views since being posted in April, sees him going down a row of jeans and perfectly folding each one with just one snap.

Kaya has shared a number of various videos in which he displays his excellent folding skills. In one of them, he decides to do it with just one hand but ends up with perfect results regardless.

The social media users are understandably amazed by how Kaya folds the jeans and have been asking for a tutorial in the comment section of his clips. But so far, the fashion designer has been keeping the secret of the trade to himself.

Check out a few more of Kaya’s folding videos below and see if you can figure out his technique.