Man Gets Surprised With a Fury “Prize” From a Claw Machine

Rider Soares from Brazil recently had the surprise of his life when playing a claw machine at a local arcade. Instead of getting a plush toy he won on the machine, he ended up receiving a much better furry prize.

In a video that has been circulating social media for the past week, Soares can be seen grabbing a plush toy of an elephant with a claw and getting it to the designated chute. However, instead of the toy, an adorable kitten comes out of the prize-retrieval opening. 

Unfortunately for Soares, he only got the plush elephant toy. It turned out that he couldn’t keep the furry prize he won because it was actually the resident cat who likes to take naps in claw machines. His name is Garfield, and this wasn’t the first time that the feline tricked arcade players into thinking they got a real-life cat.

Soares enjoyed the experience regardless and later told The Dodo that the cat was the best thing he had ever won on claw machines. 

“He’s the best thing I’ve ever received [playing these games],” Soares shared. “Who could imagine getting a real plush animal in such a machine?”