Denver Couple Creates Beautiful Pressed Flower Art

By pressing flowers, we are able to preserve their beauty and admire them for longer. One couple from Denver, Colorado, decided to take this traditional technique and give it a modern spin by creating beautiful pressed flower art.

During the pandemic, Rachel Parri and Keith Kralik found themselves spending much time in their garden. They grew some beautiful flowers as a result and came to the idea to start pressing them and placing them in frames.

Being satisfied with the way their pressed flower artworks turned out, Parri and Kralik continued making more and sharing them on social media. They also started Flower Press Studio, through which people can purchase their works.  

“Flower Press Studio allows us to get outside in the garden and get more involved with a local community of makers, florists, and flower farmers to express our authenticity using organic materials grown from our mother earth,” the couple shares on their website.

Flower Press Studio recently started expanding its business in order to offer people more ways to enjoy their pressed flower art. They are developing online courses in order to share their knowledge with others while also creating limited prints of the artworks. Continue scrolling to see more of them.