Dad Turns His Children’s Drawings Into Realistic Images Using Photoshop

Art created by kids is always unique and captivating. What they lack in fundamentals, they make up in imagination, and this always results in something amazing.

A dad from London, UK, named Tom Curtis, is so proud of his children’s drawings that he decided to share them with the world, but not before adding an extra touch. Curtis takes the drawings and turns them into realistic images using Photoshop.

The collaboration between Curtis and his kids—Alistair and Dom—has been amazing internet users for years now with their Instagram page, Things I Have Drawn, amassing 955K followers. Curtis also gives realistic treatment to drawings submitted to him through DMs or charity organizations with which he collaborates.

The realistic drawings shared on Things I Have Drawn usually include animals and fictional characters, but even if they focus on the same subject, they are never the same.

“The best drawings tend to come from kids between the ages of 5 and 8. It’s when their drawings have clear form but still have a lovely naivety that’s understandably lost as they get older, “Curtis shared in a recent chat with Bored Panda.

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