Lisa Crick Crafts Stylish Handbags Out of Discarded Sofas

If your old sofa isn’t comfortable anymore, don’t rush to throw it away. Instead, you might want to follow Lisa Crick’s example and use it to make something new.

Crick is a founder of the company New Baginnings, which sells handbags made out of discarded sofas, couches, old jeans, and every other material that would usually end in the garbage. Her creations are stylish, affordable, sustainable, and eco-friendly. 

According to Crick, she came up with this unique idea when she was about to throw away her old curtains. Thinking it would be a waste to discard perfectly good material, she tried to make luggage and later a small bag out of it. While her initial experiment didn’t go according to plan, it inspired her to keep trying.

Soon enough, Crick perfected her skills and started getting creative with sourcing her material. She discovered that old leather sofas are her favorite, as she can make several quality bags out of one piece of furniture. On top of that, the stuffing that she doesn’t need can be donated for other purposes, like creating dog beds.

“The sofa bags are flying off the shelves,” Crick shared in a recent interview. “I see people with my bags I get such a sense of pride.”

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