Food Artist Turns Pieces Of Toast Into A Canvas

We can all agree that making food is a kind of art. I mean, to put together a variety of spices and different ingredients and make all that super tasty is not an easy job. Plus, you can always get creative with food, using ingredients that you’ve never used before to make a masterpiece, or to make an attractive decoration that makes the dish impossible to resist. But what happens when you actually start making art from your food? 

Ida Skivenes from Norway decided to take preparing food on a whole new level and started creating artistic and healthy breakfasts to share them with the world. She started sharing her art on her Instagram profile and now she has over 2500 followers who love her food art. Her project called “The Art Toast Project” turns a regular piece of toast into a canvas on which she displays remakes of famous artists, which are not only edible, but also tasty and healthy – well, as healthy as toast gets. To make one artwork out of a piece of toast is not as easy as it sounds as it takes a minimum prep of 30 minutes. She usually makes them over the weekends. 

See how she plays with food below!