How Nail Art Obsession Launched This Analyst Into YouTube Stardom

We all have our after-work hobbies – gym, painting, music. Cristine Rotenberg’s hobby was nail art, but calling it a hobby is a bit of an understatement. What started out as a fun way to add some color to her daily life soon became a full-blown obsession.

She was getting her master’s degree in sociology when she started uploading pictures of her nail art to Instagram. This soon became a great way to blow off steam after school, so she took a step further and opened a YouTube channel, which she aptly named Simply Nailogical. Funnily enough, she managed to form a small community around her love of nail art. Audiences started gathering to watch her videos where she’d try insane nail polish trends and challenges.

Soon she found herself living two lives: at day, she was a grown-up, serious crime and health statistics analyst, and at night she was a wacky YouTuber with an obsession with holographic nail polish. But it worked! Today she’s a YouTube star with almost 8 million subscribers, and she recently launched her own nail polish line. She’s still living her double life, but she seems to be loving every minute of it.