Former Tattoo Artist Makes Realistic-Looking Cakes

Ben Cullen loves baking delicious cakes you’ll feel sorry eating. Also known as The Bakeking, he first started his career as a tattoo artist when he spontaneously got introduced to the art of cake decoration.

Later, he began working as a graphic designer, but eventually, in 2016 he chose to become a full-time cake artist. He currently has more than 163,000 Instagram followers and is a star of Extreme Cake Makers on Channel 4.

According to his Facebook page, 28-year-old Cullen β€œaims to create piece of art using edible mediums by pushing the boundaries and look forward to taking on new cake challenges.” He can create anything, from edible shoes, to human organs, to lifelike busts and not-so-adorable animals. He really loves airbrushing his cakes, and says that β€œit comes naturally for him.”

We really enjoyed browsing through his Instagram page and we believe that you will enjoy it, too. Follow him for future updates.